Typical Owens Pottery mark

Overview of artistic lines of the Owens Pottery Company

Owens UtopianIntroduced in 1896, Utopian is by far the most commonly found Owens Pottery Line. Originally decorated over solid brown, many color variations followed throughout the years.

Owens CyranoIn 1898, Owens brought the Cyrano line to market. Typcal of squeezebag designs of other companies, it was designed to compete with them.

Owens OrientalThe 1898 Oriental line was very similar to the Cyrano line, and almost identicaal to Weller Turada. Unlike Cyrano, the beads are almost flat on the surface.

Owens Henri DeuxIntroduced in 1900, the Henri Deux line was a departure from normal designs. These apparent art nouveau designs were supposedly reproductions of the original 16th century works.

Owens Feroza1901 saw the introduction of the Feroza line. Created with 22 forms, the organic molded forms with a slightly metallic glaze are difficult to find today.

Owens MissionIntroduced in 1903, the Mission line came with wooden stands to emphasize the arts and crafts style of the pottery.

Owens AlpineIntroduced in 1905, Alpine was a matt glaze with overglaze decoration. The tops were lightly colored or white to simulate snow-capped mountains.

Owens OpalesceBeginning in 1905, Owens introduced several lines of Opalesce: Opalesce, Opalessce Inlaid, and Opalesce Utopian. All of these focused on varieties of metallic glazes.

Owens Matt GreenIn 1905, Owens formally introduced their matt green line, although they had been producing several varities of similar pottery for years under several other line names.

Owens LotusOwens introduced their Lotus Line in 1906. Decorated over soft shaded colors such as gray, white, pink or blue, some of their best artists can be found exploring a variety of subjects.

Owens AborigineOne of the last lines produced, Aborigine was introduced in 1907. Meant to imitate native American pottery styles, nearly 100 shapes and designs were produced.

Owens Aqua VerdeNear the end of 1907, Owens intoduced the Aqua Verde line. Glazed in a rich matt green, it appears as if each piece was uniquely sculpted. Among the rarest of the Owens Pottery.

Owens SoudanezeThe Soudaneze line from 1907 is still popular with collectors. The smooth lines and art nouveau motifs against a gloss black backgound offer many interesting expressions.

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