• Owens Pottery Lotus
  • Owens Pottery Matt Utopian
  • Owens Pottery Aqua Verde
  • Owens Pottery Henri Deux
  • Owens Pottery Utopian
  • Owens Pottery Utopian
  • Owens Pottery Utopian
  • Owens Pottery Utopian

What is Owens Pottery?

The J. B. Owens Pottery produced art ceramics in Zanesville, Ohio from 1896 through 1907.

Producing over 48 distict lines in it's eleven-year run, the Owens Pottery was considered one of the "Big Three of Zanesville". Famous designers and decorators employed include Frank Ferrell, W.A. Long, John Lessell, and Charles Chilcote. Lines popular with collectors include Lotus, Utopian, Aqua Verde, Henri Deux, and Soudanese.

Collecting Owens pottery is not without challenges, as none of their many catalogs have ever come to light. Fortunately, those knowledgable in identifying genuine Owens pottery can often find bargains at auction and thrift stores. Their wide range of lines provide opportunities to match nearly any decor, with prices well below the more well-known competitors of the time.

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